Brand Promotion

NASDAQ Tower | Times Square

Times Square in New York City is perhaps one of the only places where people flock for the specific purpose of experiencing advertising. Due to unique nature of this environment, it’s very conducive for marketing targeted specifically toward brand promotion, rather than the more product specific marketing we may see in other channels.

Each opportunity to advertise in this space came about very suddenly, so we were challenged with an extremely tight timeline for production and only the hashtag as input from the client.

These advertisements ran during the New York City Marathon, allowing us to target an athletic audience who may be visiting for that event.  Using the hashtag as a starting point, we crafted the messaging and visuals to promote the hashtag as the call-to-action.



The first piece we created was in support of a Garmin sponsored athlete, Meb Keflezighi. The hashtag #RunMeb served to support a runner, who had just become the first American male to win the Boston Marathon since 1983.

The second promoted the launch of the Garmin Fitness social channels. As such, Garmin Fitness was the cornerstone content, followed by a series of motivational statements, and finally culminating on the call-to-action hashtag, #UpForMore.